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How to Get an Orchid to Rebloom

How to Get an Orchid to Rebloom

Your orchid may look like it’s dead, but it may just be dormant. Learning how to get an orchid to rebloom is the key to having gorgeous flowers year-round. This guide will teach you everything you need to know.

how to make an orchid rebloom

Spa stones, bamboo branches and white orchid on table on natural background

Do you love to decorate your house with live plants? If you have a green thumb, you might find yourself tired of easy-to-care-for plants and interested in caring for something a little trickier.

Orchids will bring a sense of uniqueness and sophistication to your decor. There are many meanings behind the orchid flower, making it a special addition to your home. With over 25,000 different species of orchids to choose from, you’re sure to find one that matches your home.

However, they can be a very finicky flower to care for, and you might have trouble figuring out how to get an orchid to rebloom. Despite this fact, tons of people take on the challenge of caring for orchids every day.

Are you interested in adding an orchid in your life? Keep reading to learn how to get an orchid to rebloom every year.

Opt for Cooler Temperatures

While many houseplants may enjoy the warmth, cooler temperatures might actually be the key to getting your orchid to rebloom.

Orchids are tropical flowers and usually love warm weather. The best method to help your orchid rebloom is to keep it in a warm environment during the day. At night, move it to a cooler location.

Ideally, the orchid should be kept about 10 degrees cooler at nighttime – or around 55 to 65 degrees. You should continue this routine until you notice a new flower spike appear.

Have you been trying to get your orchard to rebloom and found yourself asking the question “how often do orchids bloom?” If so, we have the answer for you.

Orchids flowers rebloom once a year. While most flowers bloom in spring or summer, many orchids actually bloom in the autumn.

During autumn, the nights get colder. Because of this, keeping your orchid in cooler temperatures at night may help it rebloom by helping it notice that it’s autumn.

Use Ice Cubes as Water

Watering your orchid can be the hardest part of caring for them. If you water them too much, their buds might fall off before they bloom. Continuing to overwater the plant could lead to it dying.

Underwatering can have a similar outcome. If the leaves don’t receive enough water, they’ll suck water away from the buds in order to save themselves. If underwatering continues, your orchid may die.

So how can you tell if you’re watering it the right amount?

Well, your orchid should be able to dry out in-between waterings. If you notice the soil is still damp, hold off watering it until the soil is dry to the touch. If you start to notice your orchid flower buds start to turn yellow or shrivel, that’s a tell-tale sign that they are dehydrated and the plant needs more water.

One good trick is to use ice cubes instead of regular water. About 3 ice cubes should be enough to adequately water your orchid. Plus, the cold water will help chill your plant at night.

Use the Right Fertilizer

Choosing the right fertilizer can be an important step to learning how to care for orchids.

Orchids typically don’t need a lot of nutrients to survive. However, in order to get your orchid to rebloom, you might need to include some fertilizer in their pot.

Urea-free fertilizer is the best type to use as it provides nitrogen for your orchid to feed on. However, remember that orchids do not react well to salt, so always avoid fertilizers that contain this harmful ingredient.

Find the Right Lighting

Lighting is key for any plant to survive and bloom. In fact, bad lighting is the top reason why orchids won’t rebloom.

Now, you might hear this and be tempted to place your orchid in direct sunlight to assist in the blooming process. However, direct sunlight can be detrimental to an orchid flower. Too much direct sunlight may cause their delicate petals to burn. Instead, you should keep them in indirect sunlight.

Also, be aware of the damages artificial light can have on an orchid flower as well. Remember when we said that orchid flowers bloom in autumn? Well, in addition to cooler nights, autumn also has shorter days where orchids would have less access to sunlight in nature.

For the reason, keeping your orchid in artificial light 24/7 may prevent it from reblooming. By setting artificial lights to a timer (or by simply turning them off when it’s dark outside), your orchid may notice that the days are shorter and take it as a cue to start blooming again.

This coupled with moving the orchid to a cooler environment at night will help your orchid believe it’s autumn and time to rebloom.

Re-pot Early

Re-potting your orchid can be a difficult process. When your orchid medium begins to break down, your plant’s ventilation may suffer. This can cause a lack of reblooming, so repotting your plant may be necessary for proper orchid care.

However, even if your orchid does need to be repotted, this may not fix the problem right away. Some orchids find repotting to be a traumatizing event and will not rebloom for 6 months to a year. Because of this, you should be sure to re-pot early enough to give your orchid time to settle before blooming season.

To help tell when it’s time to repot, you can look at the roots. If they appear brown or you can see some roots sneaking over the edge of the pot, it’s probably time to re-pot your orchid.

When re-potting, remember to keep your orchid flower in a small pot. They actually thrive on having crowed roots. Also, be sure to cut off any dead roots before placing the flower in its new pot.

How to Get an Orchid to Rebloom

Orchid flowers can be very tricky to work with. They need just the right care in order to thrive and rebloom year after year. If you are new to orchid care, you might wonder how to get an orchid to rebloom.

By monitoring your orchid’s fertilizer, temperature, water intake, sunlight exposure, and re-potting process, you can successfully help your beautiful orchid rebloom again.

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Hawaiian Lei Day

Hawaiian Lei Day

“May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii.” This phrase is incredibly popular in Hawaii as it is used as a reminder for Lei Day, a state holiday that the island nation of Hawaii celebrates every year on May 1st, instead of celebrating May Day.

Lei Day celebrates Hawaii’s famous fresh flower leis that are used to mark all sorts of celebrations, from school graduations to weddings, and were traditionally used as a sign of peace between tribes.

Lei Day starts on the morning on May 1st and continues throughout the day and into the next day as well; it is one of Hawaii’s most celebrated and popular annual holidays.

How did Lei Day originate?

Lei Day can be traced back to the late 1920s when Don Blanding, a poet and writer, wrote an article for a local newspaper that suggested there should be a day that allows Hawaiians to celebrate the leis that they are famous for. The idea was that the holiday should celebrate the custom of making and wearing a lei to celebrate all sorts of different occasions.

Although Don Blanding came up with the idea of celebrating the lei, it was Grace Tower Warren, another writer, who suggested that the holiday should coincide with May Day. She is also the one who came up with the famous phrase “May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii”, that is still used today.

The first Lei Day was held on May 1st in 1928 in Honolulu, with everyone encouraged to wear leis and take part in the celebrations. In downtown Honolulu, celebrations were held with leis and flowers covering every surface, from felt hats to cars. It was said that the celebrations captured the old spirit of Hawaii – a love of flowers, bright colors, and laughter. The year later, Lei Day was made an official holiday and has been celebrated every year since, with the exception of the years during the Second World War.

How is Lei Day celebrated?

Today, Lei Day is celebrated across Hawaii with the largest Lei Day event being held in Oahu. The celebrations take place in Queen Kapiolani Park in Waikiki, featuring lots of live music, hula dancing, lei making, demonstrations, delicious foods, crafts, and much more. A lei making queen is also crowned to watch over the celebrations.

Across Hawaii, other smaller celebrations are also held, such as in different towns and villages, as well as in schools. These celebrations are similar to the ones held in Oahu but smaller, they still incorporate lei making, music, dancing, food, the crowning of a lei queen and sometimes a lei king as well.

Natural Kalihi Lei blue butterfly leifragrant Micro ginger lei on koa bowlWaipio Hawaiian Lei blue and yellow






What are the different types of leis?

There are lots of different leis as each of the major Hawaiian islands has its own distinct lei. A lot of people in Hawaii don’t like to say “I love you,” so instead they give a lei to their loved ones, conveying their feelings.

In the main island of Hawaii, a lehua lei is given. This lei is made of the blossoms from a lehua tree, and are normally red, and sometimes yellow, orange or white.

The people of Kauai give a mokihana lei, which is a lei made of purplish berries that are native to the island. These berries are strong and woven with maile, they have a strong smell and stay fresh for longer than more other berries.

In Kaho’olawe, hinahina leis are given. These beautiful leis are made of the hinahina stems and flowers that are silver gray in color and found on the island’s beaches.

The people of Lanai make and give kaunaoa leis. These leis are made from orange-colored strands that are woven together to create bright, beautiful leis.

In Maui, leis are made from the lokelani, a pink rose known as the ‘rose of heaven.’ It has a sweet floral smell and is incredibly delicate.

Those are just a few of the leis that the Hawaiian islands are famous for, there are also many others, including some made from fruit, nuts, and vine, as well as fresh flowers, most often loose orchid blooms.

loose orchid blooms on monstera leaf

What are the lei giving etiquettes and customs?

In Hawaii, being given a lei as a gift is seen as a great honor, so if you are given one, you must not take it off in the presence of the person who gave it to you, or it’s considered rude. It’s important to thank the person that gave you the lei and show gratitude for it.

Traditionally, the chiefs of tribes on the Hawaiian islands would give leis as a sign of peace and respect to other tribal chiefs. Which is why they are still given to visitors today, as well as being used to mark celebrations like weddings and births.


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The Joy of Sending Hawaiian Flowers

Sending Hawaiian Flowers

How to send flowers from Hawaii

There is no feeling in the world like being at work and having a delivery of fresh flowers. If you’re going through a rough time, or it was just a thinking-of-you gesture, it makes no difference. Whatever the occasion, a nice arrangement of tropical buds can lift your spirits.

Being male or female doesn’t matter; flowers bring color and life to a room. They don’t have to be for a special occasion; however, people feel special when they get a unique floral arrangement. A bouquet is great for a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion.

Not only does the recipient feel surprised when flowers arrive, but the enthusiasm often is contagious! Just watch the next time someone in your office gets a bouquet of flowers. People around the room get caught up in the kind gesture. Usually, everyone wants to gather around the lucky person to admire the lovely arrangement of fresh blossoms. Of course, most are eager for the recipient to open the card to see who sent them. Arranging the flowers in a favorite vase makes the experience even more fun.

Sending Hawaiian flowers need not be a stressful process. Just select your favorite assortment. Everything will be carefully wrapped. The package will travel by FedEx and arrive within one or two days. And Hawaiian flowers are more durable than other flowers.

Tropical flowers have the ability to make us feel truly warm inside. We marvel at their long-lasting beauty and how they bring a bright happiness to any place. We feel complimented, appreciated and loved at the sight of a beautiful bouquet. It is a feeling that lasts long after the blooms are gone. Contact us today to choose your perfect floral gift for your loved one. You can make someone’s day and improve the atmosphere by selecting a colorful spray.

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A Destination Wedding is Better With Options

When most people hear the words “Destination Wedding in Hawaii,” the natural reaction is excitement. Who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii? For the couple getting married, stress follows excitement when they realize how much they need to accomplish from a distance.

Luckily, Hawaii hosts a lot of destination weddings, which means there are resources available to manage everything you need from wherever you call home. Many companies will plan and do everything for you, for the right price. While that may sound tempting and perhaps even ideal, remember that such a plan means that someone else is making a lot of the decisions about your wedding. While they may allow you to choose from various options, keep in mind that they have chosen the options from which you get to choose.

There are also companies that will provide just the level of support you desire. This type of company allows you to retain control over those elements that are most important to you, while allowing them to take care of things such as your Right-of-Entry Permit that will make it legal for you to get married on a beach. While each person will have different things that matter most to them, most people tend to care about location, their flowers, and the gifts they provide to members of the wedding and their guests. When it comes to those items, most people want more than a couple of choices. They also want everything to feel distinctly Hawaiian.

Loose orchid blooms on Hawaiian bridal path

That’s where we come in. When you’re ready to choose your beautiful and distinctive leis and corsages, our selection will allow you to express yourself in the most Hawaiian of ways. What’s more, you can continue to express yourself, and provide a lasting memory, by selecting gifts for your wedding party that will remind them of your wedding in paradise for years to come.

If you’re ready to add the right touches to your Hawaiian wedding, contact us.


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The Many Meanings of Orchids

The orchid is traditionally a symbol of beauty and love, strength, luxury, fertility, and power. And it is no wonder, with its long stem and exotic brightly colored bloom. The orchid is easily distinguishable and indefinitely elegant—always a well-received gift.

The orchid was not always simply a gift to be given or even purely decorative though. In fact, it has had many uses beyond the ornamental throughout history. In China, the orchid has been used medicinally for centuries, specifically to treat lung and stomach cancers. In ancient Greece and Aztec cultures, the orchid was considered to give strength and the vanilla flavor would be extracted and then ingested in order to gain strength. Yet, in American society, the flower is generally a gift of thought whether for thankfulness, sympathy, or congratulations.

Hawaiian orchids are especially bright and cheerful while still portraying the same elegance and luxury as any other orchid. As with many other flowers, the varying colors of the orchid each hold a specific underlying meaning. Color should be considered before giving an orchid.

Red is a passionate color, usually reserved for romantic love. Pink is also a romantic color, or a color of friendship. Dark red is a color of leadership and courage. Orange generates enthusiasm, creativity, and success. Yellow is a color of joy and energy. Green radiates growth, stability, and healing. Blue is for loyalty, wisdom, and tranquility. Purple is a color used for wisdom, dignity, and mystery. White is a color of purity, and brown is a color of stability and clear thinking.

Contact us for information on the types of Hawaiian orchids that we provide and let us help you decide what would be best for you.


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