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Giving Gifts to Those Who Cannot Travel: The Logistics and Benefits

Are you ready for a Christmas season like no one has seen before?

Thanks to COVID-19, many are unable to travel or even come home this holiday season. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of giving gifts to the people you love.

We put together a comprehensive guide to the logistics and benefits of giving gifts to those who cannot travel. Keep reading to discover ideas for gifts, delivery strategies, and everything else you need to know!

Order Early

When it comes to giving gifts this holiday season, not all of our ideas are complex. Some are fairly simple, and this is the easiest idea of all: order earlier than you normally would.

The Post Office has faced numerous struggles this year that have delayed the delivery of packages. And the sheer number of people ordering and mailing gifts this holiday season may slow things down even further.

You cannot necessarily trust in things like two-day delivery via USPS Priority Mail. Long story short? Don’t wait until the last minute: order and mail gifts to your loved ones as soon as you can!

Personalized Messages

What do you think is the hardest part of giving gifts to loved ones who are far away? For most people, the hardest part is truly telling this person how much they mean to you.

If you were exchanging gifts in person, it would be fairly easy to tell them how you feel. But sending gifts remotely often lacks that genuinely personal touch.

You can change all of that by sending personalized messages with gifts. Whether you send the message in an attached letter or take advantage of personalization options with an online store, it only takes a few minutes to write out your feelings and make the gift that much more special. And you can pair the message with other fun personalization options.

Utility Gifts and Who Needs Them

When you send gifts remotely, one of the most difficult decisions is figuring out which gifts are best suited to which people. This is especially true of “utility gifts” that are intended to improve someone’s quality of life.

In our opinion, utility gifts are a natural fit for older children who now live on their own. Gift baskets full of assorted goodies are great for college students who would absolutely love these additions like that in their dorm or apartment.

At first, you might think that practical gifts don’t demonstrate your love as much as other kinds of gifts. But it’s quite the opposite: the person you give this gift to will think about you with love and gratitude every time they use it!

The Power of Sweet Gifts

What’s the best part of hanging out with friends and loved ones over the holidays? Often, it is the simple act of hanging out, swapping stories, and making each other laugh.

You may not be able to hang out this year, but you can still show someone you are thinking about them with certain gifts. For instance, gifts of soaps, lotions, and perfumes can help someone feel pampered, which is a feeling they might really need around the holidays.

Gifts to Stay Connected

It’s one thing to simply miss each other during a holiday season. But many loved ones have been unable to travel and see each other for most of the year. In that case, you may be interested in gifts that help you feel more connected to each other.

Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to staying connected. You can do something like buying the both of yourselves a new orchid plant to take care of.

Taking care of the plant will make for a fun hobby for both of you. And talking about your different trials and tribulations of caring for the orchid is a great way to bring the two of you together even when you are many miles apart.

Long Distance Love

In some ways, being unable to travel for the holidays is worse for couples than anyone else. Most people aren’t cut out for long-distance relationships, and being unable to be together for the holidays can be emotionally devastating. 

You can make this a bit better, though, by giving gifts remotely that help showcase your love. For example, you can send fresh Hawaiian flowers to the love of your life so they understand how much this relationship means to you. Or you can send gift baskets filled with everything from “spa day” treats to specialty coffee.

At the end of the day, the idea is simple: you may not be able to take them out for coffee or give them flowers like you want to. But a romantic gift this holiday season lets your partner know that you never stop thinking about them.

Gifts for the Future

Whenever you give gifts remotely, the primary emotion in play is hope. Simply put, both parties hope they will be able to spend time together in person sooner rather than later.

You can express that hope by getting gifts for future use. For example, you can get someone some luxurious body lotion as you make plans to hit the beach again. Or you can buy them some tattoo balm for when they finally get that ink they’ve been dreaming of.

Whatever you get, the meaning is clear: you cannot imagine a future without this person, and you’re counting down the days to hanging out once more.

Giving Gifts: What Next?

Now you know about giving gifts remotely. But do you know where to find the best remote gifts?

We specialize in Hawaiian flowers, leis, gift baskets, or more. To discover how we can make the holidays and other major events feel special, contact us today!