Wedding Leis

Wedding leis can be worn at your wedding in Hawaii or anywhere your want to add Aloha to your event.

Any of our Hawaiian leis can be worn by members of the wedding party. Women most often choose an orchid lei. We have several special designs that make the event memorable. Parents are also offered special leis with a design to make them stand out.

Men usually wear the open, maile type of lei whether made from ti leaf or the maile vine.

Simple orchid leis can be worn by other members of the party. A single strand orchid lei is easy to wear and affordable.

There are no right or wrong leis to choose, other than the open, leaf leis being worn only by men. The cigar lei is also a masculine lei. Fragrant leis are more often worn by women. Check out all of our designs and choose those that you like.

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Ti Leaf Lei

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Keanae Lei

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Hana Lei – Layered Hawaiian Orchid Lei

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Hawaiian Lei – Fresh Natural Orchid Leis

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Melissa Lei

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Roberta Lei – Purple and White Dendrobium

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Shelly Lei

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Oni Lei

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Kalihi Lei

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Olomana Lei

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Wili Lei

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Eden Lei

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