From the Big Island our orchid nursery grows dendrobium and exotic orchids. Fresh orchids in bloom for your gifts, parties or wedding favors. Or one of our Orchid of the Month memberships. Includes Free Shipping. Add your gift note along with our easy care instructions. Orchid of the Month Clubs are for three, six or twelve months. Options include sending one blooming orchid or two. Each will be different.

Blooming Orchids – Dendrobium

Dendrobium orchids are popular and easy to grow. They make a lovely display orchid. The flowers are often used as cut sprays. The loose orchid blooms are used for decorating and for making Hawaiian leis. A standard blooming orchid will have two spikes or flower stems. Blooms last three weeks or more. Easy to care for with water once or twice a week. The flowers bloom again and again. In cooler weather the blooming can slow a bit. They like it cool at night and warm during the day.

If we have exotic orchids on hand that look great we may send those for your selection. These include oncidium and compact cattleyas as well as other easy-to-care for crosses.

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Blooming Hawaiian Orchids of the Month

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Dendrobium and Exotic Orchids

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