Fragrant Leis

Fragrant leis are made from local tuberose or Micronesian ginger flowers. Tuberose is amazing on it’s own. Or you can find it with ti leaf or orchids woven in.

Micronesian ginger is a highly fragrant flower used in several of our lei styles. We also infuse it with color if you are looking for a particular color to match for a wedding or school graduation.

Fragrant leis should be used right away. They are not so durable as orchid leis. The flowers are fragrant in nature to attract pollinators right away. Unlike orchids that attract on the basis of their shape. Fragrant flowers do not last so long as orchids. Most are solid white as they do not need to attract based on color.

These Hawaiian leis are recommended for West Coast locations. Those areas have overnight shipping from Hawaii. For other locations that take two days please open and refrigerate your leis immediately. Also, order them to arrive within a day of your planned use or giving.

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