Loose Orchid Blossoms

Loose orchid blossoms are one of our most popular products. These are the blooms or ‘heads’ harvested from the dendrobium orchid plant. Each is carefully pulled and inspected. Then we pack them carefully and send them to you.

What can you do with loose orchid blossoms? Most are used to decorate for a special event. This could be a Hawaiian wedding, luau, celebration of life or any occasion. You can use them on tables, serving trays or along the bridal trail. Save a few to wear in your hair. They come in lots of 100.

There are several colors to choose from. That means you can match colors for your wedding theme. We even infuse some of these with special coloring so you can match colors not seen in natural orchids such as blue.

Orchid blooms are used in making our Hawaiian leis.  Many hobby and craft stores sell the long needles and toothy thread used to make your own leis. We provide the fresh orchid heads.

Easy to care for just keep them refrigerated until time to use. A light mist of lukewarm water will help them look just picked.

Color infused loose orchid are created by allowing the stem to draw coloring up through the stem. Then the heads are harvested for lei making or decoration. These exotic orchids add color to any event.

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Color Loose Orchids – Lots of 100

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Loose Orchid Blossoms – Lots of 100

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