Blooming orchids of the month clubs. One or two spectacular spiked dendrobiums from the Big Island. Choose three, six or twelve month memberships. Free Shipping.

What is a blooming orchids of the month club?

Blooming orchids of the month clubs send orchids once a month according to the membership level. Orchids can be sent as a gift or to your home if you are a collector. Each orchid is different. Club membership options include three consecutive months. Six month memberships can occur every month or every other. Twelve month memberships are for the full year. Orchid of the month club shipments can be one orchid or two orchids. Club members will have a broad selection of colors over the course of their membership.

These are Hawaiian grown not like the over fertilized orchids seen in big box stores. So over time your gift will fill the home or office with a wonderful grouping of amazing plants. Orchids are sent while early in their blooming cycle. Many of the buds will not be open but will open over time. Dendrobium orchids remain in bloom for up to a month or more. They will bloom again later in the year. These orchids will also increase in size by spawning new canes. Growth is rather slow and steady. But over time they can become large plants. They will need to be repotted about once a year. Repotting is easy and lets the roots expand.
Free shipping is by Priority Federal Express. This service is overnight from Hawaii to most places on the west coast. All other areas are two shipping days. Blooming orchids of the month will be packed with protective wrap. In summer we may add ice. In winter a bit of insulation will be included in the packaging. We also have a Hawaiian Flowers of the Month Club for cut flowers of many varieties.

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Blooming Hawaiian Orchids of the Month

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