Men’s Leis

Men’s leis are made in a certain style traditionally worn by men. Many leis are appropriate for men or women. And some leis, particularly fragrant leis are customarily worn by women.

Men’s leis include the cigar lei often seen at sporting events to bring luck to the coaching staff. In weddings and graduation maile is worn. Maile is a wild vine with a vanilla scent. It is worn open and is about five feet long. Lucky ti leaf can also be made in the same style as maile lei and is a less expensive alternative to wild maile.

Simple single orchid leis can be worn by men or women. Some of the more intricate lei styles including premium leis can also be worn by men or women.  So when choosing a lei think of what the wearer would like.

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Ti Leaf Lei

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Maile Vine Hawaiian Lei

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Melissa Lei

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Hawaiian Lei – Fresh Natural Orchid Leis

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Kalihi Lei

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Tuberose Lei

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Hawaiian Lei Etta

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Cigar Lei

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Kukui Nut Leis

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Color Orchid Leis

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