Fresh orchid leis are made on a farm on the Big Island with only local Hawaiian orchids. Each lei is hand made and packed with care to guarantee a fresh arrival to any US state. Made with special dendrobium orchids in white, lavender purple or a mix. Please order a Hawaiian lei well in advance of your special occasion to make sure it arrives on time.

We give you many sizes and colors to select. Single orchid leis for the wedding party, luau, or graduation lei. These are real fresh orchid leis. They are not made with paper or other artificial material.

How We Make Fresh Orchid Leis

Leis are made by sewing loose orchid flowers onto cotton thread. They are sewn so they do not bunch up. The white color orchid is popular for weddings and formal gatherings. The orchids are a solid white color and are better worn with a contrasting color.
The lavender flower is a softer, lighter purple with some white around the edges of the bloom. For purple orchids we use a solid, dark purple color.

Single leis are made with about fifty loose orchid blooms. The double variety contains about twice that many. Finally, a deluxe orchid lei has up to two hundred orchids.

Graduation Leis

Wearing a lei for college or high school graduation is a tradition in Hawaii. This has grown in popularity on to the US mainland. The fresh orchid leis are worn during the ceremony and for the full day of the graduation. This is a way to honor the new graduate. Sadly many graduation leis on the mainland do not actually come from Hawaii. They are imported from Asian countries where orchids are grown under factory conditions. Those leis may fall apart quickly or cause a stain on clothing.

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