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10 Stunning Ideas for Real Estate Agent Closing Gifts

10 Stunning Ideas for Real Estate Agent Closing Gifts

Closing gifts are an amazing finishing touch to your real estate customer service. Here are ten incredible ideas that’ll make your buyers super satisfied.

As a real estate agent, excellent customer service is the key to success. Buying a home is a major milestone for anyone. People want to work with someone they feel a personal connection to, and someone who they think has their best interest at heart.

Real estate is also a business that relies heavily on word of mouth marketing. If you leave your customers satisfied, they’ll be more likely to recommend your services to friends and family members who are also looking to buy a house.

Closing gifts may seem like a small gesture, but in fact, they can go a long way. If you can establish a reputation for giving great real estate agent gifts, you may find that your client list–and your commission–grows.

You want your gifts to be memorable, but appropriate and not too personal. Below, we’re sharing 10 corporate gift ideas that strike the right balance. Read on!

1. Framed Blueprints

Many homeowners, especially first-time buyers, are looking for a home with history and character. Even those who are looking for a new build want to feel like they are contributing to the history of a home.

If you can manage to find original blueprints of the house, you should consider framing them as your closing gift to your buyers. It makes for interesting and unique artwork, but it also shows your buyers that you value the things that are most important to them.

If you can’t find blueprints, you could consider framing a professional photograph of the house for a similar impact.

2. Restaurant Gift Certificate

The first thing homebuyers want to do when they move into a new neighborhood is explore the local restaurant and bar scene. They want to start trying places so that they can find their local favorites and go-to spots.

You can help them get started with a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Pick a place that you know is popular or have gotten good reviews. After the hard work of moving into their new space, they’ll be glad to have an excuse to go out for the night.

3. A Flower Assortment

One of the best corporate gift ideas for new homebuyers is a beautiful, artistic flower assortment. This is an especially good closing gift for couples who are buying a home together. It seems simple, but it sends a big message.

A flower assortment can be a symbol of all the memories that will be made in that house. People buy flowers for reasons of celebration or commemoration. Spouses buy them for each other, and children pick them for their parents.

4. Cocktail Kit

A cocktail kit is a great gift for clients who love to have guests over and are always looking for new entertaining tips. There is something impressive and special about having a cocktail ready for guests when they walk through the door.

Most cocktail kits come with all the ingredients necessary to make a killer drink. You can make the gift feel even more complete by including a cocktail shaker as part of the package.

5. A Unique Gift Basket

If you aren’t exactly sure what to give as a closing gift, a gift basket is the way to go. You can curate a gift basket that includes several different kinds of items, which makes it more likely you’ll include something your clients will love.

If you start with a standout item like a Hawaiian gift basket, you can supplement it with other items that align with that theme. Small food items like nuts or fruit are always a good bet, as is a nice bottle of wine.

6. Tea Towels

Tea towels for the kitchen make a great gift because you can never have too many of them. They have so many uses, and if your clients are home cooks, it’s likely they go through tea towels quickly.

Look for tea towels in a color palate that match the design of the house’s kitchen or that incorporate a unique design. In order to elevate the gift, you want to find tea towels that are meant to be displayed as much as they are meant to be used.

7. A Gift Certificate to a Local Nursery

Being able to plant and curate your own greenery is one of the benefits of homeownership that all buyers look forward to. There’s something special about being able to plant an herb garden or a flower garden or trees in the backyard.

A gift certificate to a local plant nursery will let your clients browse greenery, talk to the experts, and pick something that will work best for their space.

8. New Pet Tags

If your clients are pet owners, they’ll want to have identification tags for their furry friends with their new address. Having these tags made for them as a closing gift shows that you’re invested in their experience even after their work with you is complete.

With this gift, you are recognizing that there’s a whole life that will be lived in the house. It also shows that you’ve gotten to know them through the buying process, and have paid attention to the things that are important to them.

9. Champagne and Champagne Glasses

Nothing says celebration quite like champagne. A nice bottle and glasses to go with is one of the more thoughtful corporate gift ideas. The bottle is something they can enjoy right away, and the glasses are a keepsake that they can use again and again.

10. A Set of Tools

When you’re considering different options for real estate agent gifts, sometimes it’s best to go practical. A set of tools may seem like a boring gift, but it will come in handy more often than your clients may even realize.

As owners, they’ll be responsible for home improvements themselves. Having a good set of tools can make the handy work easier.

Ready to Buy Closing Gifts?

Even simple closing gifts can go a long way in establishing a strong and lasting relationship between you and your buyers. That, in turn, could lead to more business.

For more gift ideas, please feel free to contact us at any time.