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4 Essential Tips for Growing Orchids at Home

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4 Essential Tips for Growing Orchids at Home

We’re all in differing versions of a changed world right now. COVID-19 keeps us separated and dealing with challenges, so it pays to appreciate the little things in the world. 

The gift of flowers can brighten up someone’s day and show them you care. You can purchase these flowers on your own to brighten up your home and add some life to it. Orchids are Hawaiian flowers that add a taste of the island to your household. 

But how do you take care of them? Start growing orchids in your home with the tips below. 

1. Learn More About Orchids and Why They’re a Great Gift

So what makes orchids so special?

It’s a versatile flower that stands out for its beauty and variety. There are a few hundred different species native to North America alone. Having a fresh piece of nature like this in your home can be therapeutic and also improves your indoor breathing air. 

What’s more, they capture the Hawaiian spirit and allow you to appreciate a slice of a culture that has a rich history. 

2. Keep an Eye Out for Mealybugs

Mealybugs are small, soft, and often pink. They gravitate toward all sorts of houseplants and are especially fond of orchids. If you don’t see these bugs, you will notice them when your plant leaves become covered in white residue. 

This residue holds the eggs of these bugs. After a while, this accumulation of residue will damage your orchid. What’s more, mealybugs bite down on plants and suck out all of the nutrients, which will kill your orchids sooner than later. 

Buy a strong, natural, organic anti-insect soap and scrub down your orchid’s leaves and stems. This soap will kill the mealybugs and their eggs so that they can’t harm your plant. 

3. Learn to Repot Before it’s Time To

Repotting the orchid is part of the maintenance. Never wait too long to do this or you’ll put your orchids at risk. 

It’s definitely time for repotting if the plant is now bigger than the current pot, the pot is falling apart, or you need to reset the orchid’s roots. 

Repotting the orchid is a sensitive matter that requires you to keep the plant ecosystem alive while moving it from one pot to another. Make sure that the pot you transfer it to is always an upgrade.

Practice repotting a plant long before you have to so you don’t panic when it’s time to save a plant you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into. 

4. Add Some Fertilizer

Add some bark and rocks to the soil to help with drainage and nutrient absorption. You should also purchase some fertilizer that feeds the plant on a cellular level.

Orchids that are exposed to quality fertilizer will blossom beautifully and retain its color, as it’s overall healthier.  

Follow These Tips to Growing Orchids

If you’re growing orchids, these tips will help you to the fullest. These plants bring Hawaii to you since you can’t go to Hawaii right now. Whether you have Hawaiian heritage or just want to appreciate the culture, having these orchids in your home can brighten up anyone’s day. 

We can sell you Hawaiian flowers of all varieties in the form of leis, gift baskets, and anything else you’d enjoy. Look through our inventory and pick out something that you’ll like. 

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