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The Many Ways You Can Wear the Different Flowers of Hawaii

how to wear Hawaiian flowers

The Many Ways You Can Wear the Different Flowers of Hawaii

With 9.3 million tourists flocking to Hawaii each year, there’s a way you can get a taste of paradise without the 6+ hour flight.

It’s said that our smell is the strongest sense, linking directly to memory. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to trigger the memories of a perfect Hawaiian vacation with your own array Hawaiian flowers?

Now you can.

When you think of Hawaii, you no doubt think of the delicate petals of plumeria flowers strung together in stunning leis draped around your neck, wrists, and ankles. But there are many other flowers and ways to wear the flowers of Hawaii.

In this article, we’re uncovering all the ways you can wear your topical flowers from your hair to your toes!

Grab your piña colada; we’re on island time now.

The Many Flowers of Hawaii

Before we can dive into all the ways to wear nature’s masterpieces, let’s find out all about the different types of Hawaiian flowers we can use to spice up our outfits.


The most famous flower of Hawaii, by far, is the plumeria. The smell of this fragrant blossom is supposedly said to greet you as soon as you walk off the plane.

Plumerias are perfect strung into leis or worn in your hair.


The exotic shape and design of orchids make them a worldwide favorite flower. They come in a variety of colors (all except blue) and species. There are even a variety of natural and manmade hybrids.

They’re quite easy to care for and are stunning when tucked behind your ear or added into a garland.


Pikake, the Hawaiian name for jasmine, has a fragrance unlike any other flower. These make a perfect choice for wearing in your hair or along pressure points like your neck or wrists allowing you to forgo perfume for the evening.


These stunning blossoms come in a variety of colors like yellow, pink, white, red, and blue. They, too, have an amazing scent causing people to shampoo them in their hair!

Want to know more about each of these beauties? Check out our Hawaiian flower buying guide for more in-depth descriptions and pictures of our most popular Hawaiian flowers and foliage.

It’s everything you need to select the best tropical flowers for your arrangement or lei.

Ways to Wear Them

Whether you’re planning a luau or a fun Hawaiian themed event, you’ll be sure to stop the show with these creative and authentic styles.

1. Flower Crown (Haku lei)

Getting ready for a festival or a bridal shower? Make your outfit complete with a perfectly crafted flower crown.

Traditional Haku leis use greenery to weave the structure and bring out the bright colors of the blossoms.

All you need to do is grab a few of your favorite Hawaiian flowers like plumeria or orchids and some greenery and you’re ready to start crafting your crown!

2. Flower Necklace (Lei)

You’d be hard pressed to walk into a luau and not see someone rocking a lei.

Greeting someone with a beautiful Lei made of plumerias or orchids is the Hawaiian way to say hello or “aloha”.

Instead of buying one of those fake plastic leis that itch your neck like crazy, why not get a real one? The intoxicating smell of paradise will get you in the mood for any party. We’ve even got men’s leis, especially for your male guests.

3. Flower Bracelet (Kupe’e)

Hawaiian flower bracelets are usually made of green garland but occasionally have white flowers woven through. It’s the perfect accent to any tropical outfit.

Traditionally, Tahitian dancers wear bracelets (and anklets) to emphasize the movements of their hands.

4. Flower Anklet (Kupe’e)

A creative option to the neck or wrist lei is an ankle bracelet, (called kupe’e) of flowers or greenery. This was also popularized by Tahitian dancers to call attention to their feet movement.

Kupe’es balance an outfit especially if you’re already rocking a lei. Go big and authentic by wearing one on each foot.

5. Hip Garland (Hei)

A hei, or a hip lei of sorts, is most popularly worn by hula dancers to show off their shakes and rolls during their dances.

Usually, a hei is a woven belt of leaves or greenery, but you’ll often see feathers or tropical flowers woven into the strands too.

6. Tucked Behind Your Ear

Want something more subtle than a head full of flowers? Take a single stunning blossom and tuck it behind your ear for a chic and elegant look that makes you look like you just walked off the beach.

Just like a ring worn on the left hand signifies the woman is off the market, a flower tucked behind a lady’s left ear means the same thing. If you’re single and ready to mingle, be sure to wear it behind your right ear.

7. Hair Pick

A Hawaiian hair pick is a stunning adornment worn in the hair of Tahitian women everywhere. Think of it as a mini bouquet. It’s often used to hold back hair, or to elegantly emphasize a bun or braid.

Take advantage of the exotic colors and styles of orchids for this one. You’ll be a show stopper, for sure.

We love using fresh flowers for our hair picks because of their incredible, tropical scent that lasts up to a few days. There’s nothing quite like wearing real flowers.

Pick the Perfect Flowers

Now that you know all about the flowers of Hawaii and how to wear them, the only thing left to do is purchase some!

At With Our Aloha, we’ve got everything you need to deliver Hawaii to you!

If you’re throwing a luau you can’t skimp out on decorating with fresh flowers and bringing the island into your home. Our plumerias also look stunning popped in a tropical drink.

From our delicate and tropical arrangements to our brightly colored leis, you and your guest will fall in love with your little taste of paradise.

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