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3 Surprising Ways the Kilauea Eruption Affected Hawaii Flower Farms

3 Surprising Ways the Kilauea Eruption Affected Hawaii Flower Farms

3 Surprising Ways the Kilauea Eruption Affected Hawaii Flower Farms

The Kilauea Eruption impacted Hawaii flower farms in many ways. Read this article to learn some of the more surprising impacts and to know about one farm that is still fine able to ship to the mainland US.

When the Kilauea eruption started at the beginning of May, it set off a chain of events that were absolutely devastating for the island. Not only were residences affected, but also many businesses, including the entire Hawaii flower industry.

Even though Hawaii ranks number forty in terms of population, it accounts for over 4% of the entire US flower industry. Given the scope of this eruption, it’s not hard to imagine the problems it has created.

To fully understand what’s occurred on the island, we want to dig into this issue by taking a close look at three surprising ways the Kilauea eruption has directly impacted island flower farms.

1. There’s a Shortage of Island Flowers

Because the eruption was incredibly powerful, the destruction of flowers isn’t all that surprising. What is surprising is the full magnitude of this destruction.

The scope of what the lava has done means it will still take more time to fully assess the damage across the entire island. But based on estimates by industry experts, it’s likely that half of Hawaii’s cut flowers are gone.

Part of what makes this so shocking is just how quickly it happened. When one orchid farm evacuated on June 1st, their surroundings looked sunny and beautiful.

Following that evacuation, it took less than 24 hours for over a quarter of the nursery to be destroyed. Fast forward just 48 more hours, and the entire 12-acre nursery was wrecked by the lava flow.

What makes this situation even more challenging is island flowers aren’t something that can quickly be regenerated by investing money. Instead, it takes a lot of time and care for wiped out flowers to return.

Using an example like orchids, the minimum amount of time to get fully back up with production is three years. That’s assuming all conditions remain optimal. A single factor going wrong could easily add another year of waiting.

2. Prices Have Gone Up

Although many flower farms around the island were completely wiped out, just as many people still want all the beautiful flowers that Hawaii has to offer.

In fact, all the media attention around the eruption has led to even more interest from the continental US in getting these flowers. Many people view this type of purchase as a way to support the Hawaiian economy.

While all forms of financial support are appreciated, the combination of decreased supply and increased demand has caused prices to rise. What’s interesting is this increase hasn’t only affected flowers sent to the mainland.

Throughout the island, flowers sought for local events like graduations and other ceremonies have gone up somewhat. And in some instances, locals and shippers to the mainland have extended their search for specific flowers outside the island of Hawaii.

The increase in both demand and prices for island flowers stands in contrast to many other businesses on the island. Most businesses associated with tourism have seen a quick decrease.

Just how hard have businesses like tour operators and hotels been hit? Most estimates show that the summer’s eruption cut typical tourism numbers in half. This tourism slump was made even worse by concerns about Hurricane Hector.

3. Farms are Getting Help from the Community

Despite mandatory evacuations, some of the most talked about videos and photos from the eruption are from Hawaiians who were incredibly close to the lava.

Given this commitment to the local area, the third impact likely comes as surprise to outsiders despite being expected by those who call the island home.

This impact is the support of the community towards farms that were ravaged by the eruption. Even though countless people lost their homes throughout this ordeal, they’ve been more than willing to lend a helping hand.

One example of this is a local organization bringing together dozens of farmers for an emergency resource meeting. By including other members of the community, the meeting was able to focus on how to move forward in the face of adversity.

This type of community support has been especially critical in rural areas. Working together to manage supplies and other vital resources has helped lift everyone. This is a trend that should continue as owners and employees work to rebuild.

A Hawaii Flower Company That Ships to the Continental US

Although the effects of this eruption on flower farms and the entire region were devastating, Hawaiians are not known for giving up. In the face of this disaster, the entire community has shown its strength and resilience.

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