7 Best Hawaiian Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones

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7 Best Hawaiian Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones

Hawaii is a very popular tourist destination; if the numbers of visitors are anything to go by.

According to a report by trap savvy, every year the island receives over 8 million visitors, who end up spending approximately $14 billion on their trips. An estimated 60% come from the US mainland.

Some of the things that make Hawaii so popular include the fantastic weather, the welcoming people, and the amazing culture, among others. It’s a bucket-list destination.

But what is a trip without buying Hawaiian gifts? If you have been racking your brain about what you can get your people, we have some exciting gift ideas for you.

Best Hawaiian Gifts for Your Loved Ones

You’ll never run short of exciting gifts to buy for your people back home. The best way to do this is to take a bit of the Hawaiian history and culture with you. You will find a wide variety of minorities on the island, so you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to buy.

There’re people from all walks of life including Caucasians, Japanese, Hispanics, and Latinos just to name a few. With such an interesting melting pot, there are so many gifts from Hawaii; get ready to shop.

Let’s go straight into some of the interesting things you can buy as souvenirs.

1. Ukulele

Don’t worry about whether or not your loved ones can play musical instruments, although it would help. The ukulele is synonymous with Hawaiian musical performances. Think of it as a mini guitar that has a light, airy sound.

It’s made from wood that comes from the island, and strumming musical notes on it will give you such nostalgia. It would also make a great art piece for your home or for that of a loved one. The ukulele is an integral part of Hawaiian music; you should consider getting some of the local music for your playlist.

Not only do you get to support the local artists, but, you will also have soothing music to listen to wherever you are.

2. Macadamia Nuts

Nothing beats a fresh packet of macadamia nuts, straight from the island. The nuts are an important part of Hawaii; both commercially and culturally. The island people have been enjoying the nuts since 1882, and the fact that it never goes out of season means you will always have fresh nuts all year-round.

Here’s the best part, you’ll find many variations to this nutritious food. The Islanders have come up with different products including candles made from the macadamia nut, and brittles for packing the dry roasted nuts.

You can also enjoy macadamia butter on your toast among many other by-products. When you’re shopping, take a minute to learn more about the nuts and why they’re so important to Hawaiians.

3. Hawaiian Shirts

The Aloha Hawaiian shirts are some of the best gifts from Hawaii. The bright, flowery dress shirts are a true representation of Hawaii people. Talk about a fashion trend that never seems to go out of style; the Hawaiian’s have been wearing the aloha shirt for over 75 years; a true testament to a great product.

The shirts are also a source of income for many of the islanders, and many people love them because they are very comfortable and will keep you cool in hot weather. Best of all, they will not take up too much space in your suitcase, so go ahead, splurge and buy one for every member of your family.

4. Lei Necklaces

Even if you have never been to the island, you may have seen a movie or two, where the Hawaii dancers and locals wear necklaces made of flowers, leaves, and feathers. They’re truly interesting pieces to look at, and give a true feeling of being in Hawaii. Visitors to the island will also get the necklace as a welcome gift.

You instantly get the feeling of joy and happiness when you wear them. The Polynesian voyagers who introduced them into the island, had a fantastic idea. Other than beauty and the welcoming aspect, the Lei necklaces are also a sign of affection to other people. What a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

5. Coconut Oil

What is an island without coconuts? It could explain why coconut oil is one of the must-have Hawaiian items. You get original oil with medicinal and nutritional benefits. You can also get it in the form of butter, or lotions, thereby giving you more gift ideas.

Remember to ask for some recipes so that your family members can try the Hawaiian cuisine back home. You’ll find that coconut oil is delicious in food. If you have the time, sign up for one of the cooking classes so that you really learn how to prepare the perfect Hawaiian dish.

It’ll be a great way to spend time with loved ones, and an everlasting gift when you teach them how to do it.

6. Hawaiian Quilt

If you’re thinking of Hawaii gifts that really celebrate the culture of the people, quilts are the perfect functional artwork to buy for your loved ones. The Islanders have the New England Missionaries to thank for the quilt. But the originators have nothing on the Recreation and fun elements the Hawaiians have added onto it.

You’ll find themes centering around the Island, tropical flowers and plants. Curl up on your sofa watching your favorite movie, and you will feel like you’re back on the island. We would absolutely forgive you for keeping this item for yourself.

7. Kona Coffee

Hawaiian gift ideas would not be complete without talking about Kona coffee. It delicious and is one of the best coffees you’ll ever find in the world. Take a trip to one of the plantations to buy the coffee, but if you don’t have the time you’ll also find it in the supermarkets.

You’ll find some varieties that are blended to make them more pocket-friendly. Buy the original unadulterated coffee, if you really want to enjoy it.

Time to Take a Trip to Hawaii

There you have it, our list of seven Hawaiian gifts for your family or friends. Buying any one of these items will allow you to share the experience, and culture of the Hawaii people. You’ll also get to learn a lot, because every item has a history.

Hawaii is a beautiful island and you must remember to carry your camera and extra batteries so you never miss a photo moment.

Visit our website for more must-have items when you visit Hawaii.

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The Joy of Sending Hawaiian Flowers

Sending Hawaiian Flowers

How to send flowers from Hawaii

There is no feeling in the world like being at work and having a delivery of fresh flowers. If you’re going through a rough time, or it was just a thinking-of-you gesture, it makes no difference. Whatever the occasion, a nice arrangement of tropical buds can lift your spirits.

Being male or female doesn’t matter; flowers bring color and life to a room. They don’t have to be for a special occasion; however, people feel special when they get a unique floral arrangement. A bouquet is great for a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion.

Not only does the recipient feel surprised when flowers arrive, but the enthusiasm often is contagious! Just watch the next time someone in your office gets a bouquet of flowers. People around the room get caught up in the kind gesture. Usually, everyone wants to gather around the lucky person to admire the lovely arrangement of fresh blossoms. Of course, most are eager for the recipient to open the card to see who sent them. Arranging the flowers in a favorite vase makes the experience even more fun.

Sending Hawaiian flowers need not be a stressful process. Just select your favorite assortment. Everything will be carefully wrapped. The package will travel by FedEx and arrive within one or two days. And Hawaiian flowers are more durable than other flowers.

Tropical flowers have the ability to make us feel truly warm inside. We marvel at their long-lasting beauty and how they bring a bright happiness to any place. We feel complimented, appreciated and loved at the sight of a beautiful bouquet. It is a feeling that lasts long after the blooms are gone. Contact us today to choose your perfect floral gift for your loved one. You can make someone’s day and improve the atmosphere by selecting a colorful spray.

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Corporate Gifts

Hawaiian chocolate and coffee for corporate giving

Corporate Gifts Can be Amazing!

Your average corporate gift looks like it came out of a catalog titled Forgettable Objects, or maybe one titled Last Year’s Clearance. It is the thought the counts, and most corporate gifts feel as though they required very little thought. Wouldn’t it be something if the thought that went behind your next corporate gift included the words “personalized,” and “Hawaiian?” We think so, and we’re ready to help you craft that very thought.

Imagine the impression you’ll make when your recipient receives, not just flowers, but Hawaiian flowers. They’ll wonder how you managed it, and they’ll immediately realize that you are not a typical corporate drone. It will make them wonder what else is special about you and your organization.

If flowers aren’t quite the message you want to send, imagine a corporate gift basket with the world’s best Kona coffee, or assorted Hawaiian candies or macadamia nuts. Your recipient will immediately think “different,” “thoughtful,” and even, “imaginative.” Compare that to the drawer full of forgettable corporate gift they likely have at home. Who will they remember?

Companies seek creative ways to stand out when thanking employees, customers or other stakeholders. Choose one of our Hawaiian gift baskets or we’ll help you create one with the perfect items to meet your budget. We can send them to your office for you to hand out. Or we’ll ship each one directly so it arrives on time and with your personal or company branded gift note.

Because we ship to most US points within two days, imagine the possibilities that open up for where to have a Hawaiian treasure shipped.

How impressed will your recipient be when they check into a hotel only to find a tasty batch of macadamia brittle waiting for them? Imagine if you could brighten up their drab hotel room with an arrangement of protea, bird of paradise and heliconia stems. Every time they move in their room, there is your thoughtful gift, reminding them of the unconventional thinker who sent it. And if they are lucky enough to be in a hotel in Waikiki we’ll deliver at no extra charge.

When you’re ready to make the right impression with your upcoming corporate gifts, contact us.


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The Delicious Dialect of Kona Coffee

The Delicious Dialect of Kona Coffee

“Coffee is a language in itself,” once said Jackie Chan.

How true is this statement; those of us who drink coffee daily know that coffee speaks. It gives a bit of refinement to any situation. It begs for good conversation at a large table with friends. Coffee desires a small table with the daily newspaper, or a sunrise drive to work. Yet coffee is not just coffee. The language of coffee has copious dialects. Many of which are comparatively unrecognizable.

Hawaiian kona coffee is widely regarded as some of the best coffee in the world. Kona Coffee Roasting gives a beautiful account of reasons for this.  It describes that Hawaii simply seems to be the perfect habitat in which to grow tasty coffee. Weather in west Hawaii begins with a sunny start to the day which often fades into clouds. There is frequent precipitation and always warm temperatures. The volcanic soil adds to the unique flavor.

Kona Coffee Roasting goes on to describe the sensuality of Hawaiian coffee. “Hawaiian Kona coffee is often described as smooth, delicate, and full-bodied. Kona coffee is also described as robust, and usually with medium acidity.  Some also say it has a caramelly aroma and a slightly nutty flavor.”

The specific taste of any coffee largely depends on how the coffee beans are roasted. So even among the varieties of Kona coffee, we suggest sampling a wide variety to discover exactly which one speaks to your palette.

Our Kona coffee is always 100% Kona unless labeled a blend. Some so-called “Kona blends” which often include as little as 10% Hawaiian grown coffee. Contact us. Browse our website. Look through our gift baskets. Indulge in the dialect of Kona along with some Hawaiian dessert snacks. These baskets make the perfect gift; the gift of bold aroma, the gift of luxury in taste.

Kona Coffee in a cup on red table

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Do You Know When To Give A Gift Basket?

Everybody loves giving and receiving a well-thought-out gift basket. Although any occasion is the right time to give a beautiful Hawaiian gift basket from With Our Aloha, if you need inspiration as to when to give a gift basket, here are a few ideas:

New Job

Why not present the friend or family member celebrating a new job, or job promotion with our 100% Kona Coffee Lover’s Hawaiian Gift Bag? They’ll start their new job off right with ground Kona coffee, macadamia nut biscotti, handmade Kona coffee cookies, and a beautiful Hawaiian print coffee mug to hold their coffee while they learn their way around that new job.

Baby Shower

Help the mom-to-be get a jump-start on managing the stress that comes with adjusting to becoming a new mom with our Stress Release Formula Hawaiian Gift Basket. The soon-to-be new mom will love the feeling of being pampered while she soaks in scented bath water, smooths on deep moisturizing lotion, and enjoys the stress relieving fragrance or our aromatherapy soaps. We use wild flower essences of lehua, yellow ginger and kinehe to soothe the nerves and relax the body.


Nothing says “I love you” like surrounding your lady with beautiful and relaxing scents to refill her soul. Our basket, Soul of a Woman does just that. Bath crystals, lotions, body mist and soaps are scented with mango, white ginger, banana and lehua harvested right here in Hawaii to soothe and rejuvenate the soul.

Kona Coffee Gift Items

Just Because

Everybody loves chocolate, and our Chocolate Lovers Hawaiian Gift Bag is heaven in a bag. You’ll find chocolate covered macadamia nuts, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered Tiki Toffee, and more to pamper your favorite chocolate lover.

Corporate Giving

In a professional setting a simple gift can go a long way in strengthening business relationships. Saying ‘Thank You’ to an important client, employee or mentor makes a big impression.

If you are in charge of finding a large number of gifts for a company event, sales rewards or customer gathering consider a Hawaiian theme. We will help you design a gift bag or basket to meet your budget.

Contact us to learn about our other gift basket options.

Gift Baskets

Hawaiian Gift Baskets
Kona Coffee Gifts
Hawaiian Spa and Bath Gifts
Custom Gift Baskets

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A Destination Wedding is Better With Options

When most people hear the words “Destination Wedding in Hawaii,” the natural reaction is excitement. Who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii? For the couple getting married, stress follows excitement when they realize how much they need to accomplish from a distance.

Luckily, Hawaii hosts a lot of destination weddings, which means there are resources available to manage everything you need from wherever you call home. Many companies will plan and do everything for you, for the right price. While that may sound tempting and perhaps even ideal, remember that such a plan means that someone else is making a lot of the decisions about your wedding. While they may allow you to choose from various options, keep in mind that they have chosen the options from which you get to choose.

There are also companies that will provide just the level of support you desire. This type of company allows you to retain control over those elements that are most important to you, while allowing them to take care of things such as your Right-of-Entry Permit that will make it legal for you to get married on a beach. While each person will have different things that matter most to them, most people tend to care about location, their flowers, and the gifts they provide to members of the wedding and their guests. When it comes to those items, most people want more than a couple of choices. They also want everything to feel distinctly Hawaiian.

Loose orchid blooms on Hawaiian bridal path

That’s where we come in. When you’re ready to choose your beautiful and distinctive leis and corsages, our selection will allow you to express yourself in the most Hawaiian of ways. What’s more, you can continue to express yourself, and provide a lasting memory, by selecting gifts for your wedding party that will remind them of your wedding in paradise for years to come.

If you’re ready to add the right touches to your Hawaiian wedding, contact us.


Hawaiian Weddings
Hawaiian Flower Leis
Fresh Flower Leis
Orchid Corsages & Boutonnieres
Hawaiian Wedding Favors

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Candy Lei Kits

Candy Lei Kits

Hawaiian flower leis are lovely but for keiki (kids) it is more about FUN!  As the school year ends many celebrate children moving to the next grade with a ‘graduation’ of their own.

For a fun, safe and easy party our candy lei kits bring a Hawaiian touch to your event.  Kits come in an assortment of designs and colors. Each kit makes 5 leis. Just use your favorite wrapped candy. Use 20 pieces of candy for each lei.

The kits are made from a printed, strong cello tube. Color ties are included so all your little students have to do is slide the candy inside and tie between each piece. The lei is then tied to close. Simple and fun.

Candy lei kits also make a great birthday party theme.

We have some new designs this year (shown below) and have added them to our web site. In addition to our traditional hibiscus color themes we now have a maile design that resembles the Hawaiian vine worn in graduation ceremonies.

The second new design is the ‘kapa’ or ‘tapa’ design, derived from traditional Hawaiian printing and paper making. And of course we’ve added pineapple, a Hawaiian favorite and favorite of kids as well.

candy lei kit candy lei kit candy.lei.kit blue.kapa.candy.lei.kit candy.lei.kit.pineapple

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