These are our monthly flowers selections for our Flowers of the Month Clubs

Flowers of the Month are one of our most popular gifts. We send six or twelve stems with greenery in the month’s shown below. We have selected stems in part on seasonality. Protea are more plentiful during the fall and winter months. And for Christmas we focus on red and green flowers. Our Valentine’s Day Hawaiian flowers are bright red and white.

Throughout the year your gift will provide a large variety of Hawaii’s favorite flowers. The first shipment will include a guide to tropical flowers, arranging ideas, a welcome letter and your personal gift note.

We send full length stems of each flower and greenery. Arrangements seen here are example of how they may be trimmed and displayed. Our blog also has step by step arranging instructions. But there is no ‘wrong’ way to display our Hawaiian flowers of the month. Many people enjoy making two or more arrangements from twelve stems. Or they may share a few stems with a friend or neighbor.

In some cases a particular flower of sufficient quality will not be available. In those cases we will substitute a compatible flower for the particular assortment.

The assortments you see here contain twelve flower stems. Comes with free shipping by Priority FedEx. Flowers arrive as full length stems, ready to arrange. See the DIY arranging guides on our blog.

flowers of the month orchids and pincushions


Valentine flowers anthurium and orchds


tropical flowers with protea, heliconia, purple arc anthurium


tropical flowers and protea purple and green


tropical flowers for Mother's Day


dendrobium orchid sprays from Hawaii


white orchids with red anthurium


heliconia and orchids flowers of the month August


friendship flowers from Hawaii


flowers pink ginger heliconia and orchids with king protea


yellow pincushion and bird of paradise



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