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Hawaiian Flower Arrangement DIY: Po Mahini “Moonlit Night” Assortment

dendrobium orchid sprays from Hawaii

When you order a tropical assortment from With Our Aloha, remember they do not come pre-arranged. The stems are delicately packed at the source, and rush shipped to your door to ensure you receive the freshest flowers possible. We have provided a tropical flower arrangement DIY that walks you through a “suggested” design below, but the beautiful possibilities are endless.

For this Po Mahini “Moonlit Night” 12 stem assortment idea, you will need:

  • 1 short vase
  • 1 block of floral foam
  • garden shears
  • scissors
  • rubber bands are also helpful sometimes

vase floral foam clippers for tropical flower arranging

Hawaiian orchids capture the tones of a moonlit tropical night.  Simple but elegant, dendrobium orchids with background of greenery make a cool and sparking display.

  • Place the raphis palm in the center of the foam.
  • Fill around with ti leaves.  They can also be folded under if you prefer.
  • Place the purple orchids in the center.  One or two can be cut short and pointed outward.
  • Do the same with the white and lavender orchids.
  • Make sure the arrangement is balanced with no empty spots.

This is our Hawaiian Flowers of the Month selection for June.

[two_thirds]This 12 stem assortment includes:

  • 4  Dendrobium orchid sprays, white
  • 4  Dendrobium orchid sprays, lavender
  • 4  Dendrobium orchid sprays, purple
  • 5 Ti leaves
  • 1 Raphis Palm
[/two_thirds] [one_third_last]

Po Mahina ‘Moonlit Night’ Orchids – Not Arranged – Shipped Mon – Thu

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