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Make Your Own Perfume

Make Your Own Perfume

You can make your own perfume at home using our essential oils and fragrances.

You’ll need a clean glass bottle to mix things in.  A dark glass works best as it protects from light.

To store your finished perfume a smaller bottle.  Again dark glass is better but clear works fine.

Two tablespoons of carrier oil to hold the fragrance.  Oils such as almond oil or jojoba work well.

Four tablespoons of vodka or high proof alcohol.

Two tablespoons of distilled water.  Tap water should not be used.

Essential oils and fragrances – combine up to three for your favorite combination

One coffee filter and a funnel

1.  Add 30 to 40 drops of your favorite oil or combination of oils to your mixing bottle.  Test as you go until you find a mix you like again using multiple oils.

2.  Mix in vodka and the carrier oil.  Shake everything together and then let the closed bottle sit for at least two days.  Some combinations can take 4 to 6 weeks to fully rest.  Do not refrigerate but keep in a cool, dark location.

3.  Open and add the water.  Shake thoroughly.

4.  Line your funnel with the coffee filter and pour into the storage bottles.  This will take some time so go slowly and do not overfill the funnel.

5.  Shake again each time before using.

It can take time to find your favorite combination so experiment freely with small drops of the oils.