Leis Available During 2021 COVID Shutdown

The 2020 shutdown prompted by the COVID outbreak effected both the supply and demand for Hawaiian leis. This is the page to check to see what is available at a particular time during the shutdown.

This event meant that graduation ceremonies everywhere were cancelled or reduced in size. Graduation is the busy time for our lei makers yet in 2020 there was very little work. Still we wanted to help honor those special grads even if the final classes were on Zoom and the ceremony was held at home.

So we have been able to source enough flowers locally (growers and importer cut back supply) to offer a good selection of leis for this season. Please understand that if you order at the last minute the exact lei you want may not be available. So let us help you find a comparable lei if that does happen.

We expect gradual improvement as flights open back up and exotic flowers can be brought in. This may be too late for graduations but for late summer or early fall weddings, retirements or other events we expect to continue to add leis as restrictions lessen. A second wave might result in more reductions.

Mahalo for understanding and we hope to remove this page soon as the situation comes under control medically.

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