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Complete Guide to Getting the Perfect Hawaiian Wedding Flowers


Complete Guide to Getting the Perfect Hawaiian Wedding Flowers

The beauty and romance of Hawaii is never more evident than seeing the vibrant tropical blossoms produced from this paradise.

Are you lucky enough to be traveling to Hawaii for a dream destination wedding? Maybe you fell in love in Hawaii and want it to be a part of your special day.  Either way, including colorful, tropical Hawaiian wedding flowers as a part of your wedding will add to the beauty of the day.

Take a look at the flowers of Hawaii and how you can incorporate them into your Hawaiian wedding.

Hawaiian Flowers Options

Think about all the ways to add Hawaii to your wedding day. You might want a Hawaiian wedding bouquet, leis, or a sprinkle of Hawaii’s gorgeous orchids. Consider using them for an arbor archway, aisle and reception arrangements and for the wedding party.

Take a look at some of Hawaii’s tropical wedding flowers to use in a variety of ways for your special day.


The Anthurium flowers are found abundantly in Hawaii. The flowers have a waxy petal that is long lasting. Seeing them, you think tropical paradise.

Their flowers come in bright reds, subtle shades of pink and purple, green, and even bi-color. Consider using them clustered together in centerpieces to make quite a statement. Their vibrant colors also play well in Hawaiian wedding bouquets.

Bird of Paradise

Another gorgeous flower that commands the image of the tropics, the bird of paradise is quite the statement flower. The flower, a colorful tropical bird, is sturdy and statement-making.

The petals of the Bird of Paradise are bright orange and yellow which come from a base that almost appears blue to purple. This flower is long lasting as a cut flower making it a beautiful addition to both bouquets and arrangements.

Hawaiian Hibiscus

The Hawaiian Hibiscus screams Hawaii. The yellow version is the flower of the state, while most will recognize the red Hibiscus as the flower they associate with Hawaii. In 1988, Hawaii actually named the yellow version as the state flower.

Whether you use a single flower in a hair clip or group them in bouquets or arrangements, the big flowers are a statement that you want Hawaii as a part of your wedding day.


Have you ever tried to grow an orchid and found that challenging? Not so, in Hawaii where orchids grow plentifully.

Orchids are a beautiful choice for weddings because of the wide range of colors. Shades of purples and whites are most common in Hawaii and often used in leis.

You can also consider using all white orchids. Consider sprinkling white orchids on tables. You can use them for leis for the bridal party or bride and groom. How about a haku crown with orchids.


The Plumeria, also known as the Frangipani, has pretty blossoms and an intoxicating, lovely fragrance. Although the Plumeria flower is not native to Hawaii, it’s a favorite when selecting Hawaiian florals.

The flowers, with the soft velvety petals, come in a variety of color choices. These are often used for leis or in the hair of females.

But pay attention to Hawaiian tradition. If your Plumeria is worn on your right ear, you’re telling the world you’re single. Over your left ear, you are already taken.

Can’t Get More Hawaiian Than Leis

Nothing says Hawaii more than a Hawaiian lei. The tradition of a lei made from beautiful Hawaiian flowers suggests love, friendship, celebration, honor or greeting.

Leis can be simple with a single color and one flower type. They can also be much more intricate with multiple colors and floral choices.

How can you incorporate leis into your wedding day? The bride and groom could opt for matching beautiful white orchid leis. One tradition even has the bride and groom exchanging leis as part of the ceremony.

The wedding party could wear coordinating tropical leis. The bride and groom could gift their respective new families with leis as a part of the wedding celebration.

Dress Your Men with Maile Leis

The maile lei is a garland worn by men. Like a regular lei, it can be made from green maile leaves. Small white flowers, called pikake are sometimes woven into the green maile leaves too.

The groom or males in the wedding party might even choose to wear a maile lei and a traditional lei at the same time.

Symbolizing devotion, the fresh maile lei has the groom bringing the perfect message as he recites his vows. Maile leis are also believed to offer protection, good luck and even give healing powers to the wearer.

Traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremonies have the kahuna pule, or holy man, take the bride and grooms hands and wrap them together using the maile lei.

Haku Crown and Hawaiian Floral Clips

Another lovely way to add Hawaiian flowers to your wedding day is by working them into your attire.

You can choose to have floral clips made that become part of your wedding day hair. While you might be wearing white, imagine a tropical orchid, plumeria or hibiscus bringing your wedding look romance and color.

Haku crowns are another alluring wedding choice. Imagine the haku as a lei for your head. Use this in place of a veil.

Your wedding attendants would also look lovely wearing a romantic haku woven from Hawaii’s tropical flowers.

Hawaiian Wedding Flowers for Your Special Day

Whether you are planning to marry in the tropical paradise of Hawaii or want to bring some of the tropical beauty to your wedding, Hawaiian flowers are the way to go.

Hawaiian wedding flowers bring the romance of Hawaii to your wedding ceremony. You can bring the colors and style of Hawaii into your celebration with bouquets, leis, centerpieces, and garlands.

Let us help you select and create beautiful Hawaiian flower arrangements for this special day in your life. We can ship Hawaii to you or add to your Hawaiian wedding event. Contact us today to start your planning.


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8 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Luxury Hawaiian Wedding

8 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Luxury Hawaiian Wedding

8 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Luxury Hawaiian Wedding

Hawaii is the perfect location for a luxury destination wedding. These 8 tips will help you plan the perfect Hawaiian wedding.

Have you always dreamed of getting married on the beaches of Hawaii?

If so, and you’ve recently become engaged, now is the time to start planning your Hawaiian wedding!

Because not only does a destination wedding cost around $28,000 on average, many couples also flock to Hawaii every year to get married. This makes reserving your dream venue a bit more competitive.

Then, throw in all the planning of a regular wedding into the mix, and you’ll likely find your head spinning.

But never fear. In this article, we’re bringing you 8 tips to help you plan the Hawaiian wedding of your dreams!

1. Know Hawaii’s Climate

If you’ve recently become engaged, congratulations! Getting married in Hawaii is a unique experience that few couples around the world get to experience.

You may have already decided on a Hawaiian wedding, or you may still be considering it. Either way, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Hawaii’s climate.

It’s no secret that Hawaii has gorgeous weather year-round. All year, the water and air temperatures stay above 70?F – on average.

The summers are dry and sunny while the winters have significantly more rainfall. There are really no other seasons besides summer and winter.

With that said, more couples look to get married in the summer. There’s less risk of bad weather, but couples will likely pay more than those who book in the winter.

2. Have a Vision

Before you book a venue and your airplane tickets, decide on the season that’s ideal for you and your partner.

A few factors may influence your decision, the first being your budget. How much you’re willing to spend on your wedding will determine whether you get married in the summer or winter.

But your budget is not the only thing that matters. The type of ceremony and reception matters, as well.

First, decide if you want an indoor or outdoor ceremony. You could have a ceremony on the beach, up in the grassy hills, on a boat, or even in the gardens of a hotel.

Then, decide if you want an indoor or outdoor reception venue. We’ll explore how to choose the perfect venue in our next tip.

3. Book the Venue A.S.A.P

While Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth, it’s also one of the smallest. With all the islands put together, the state is only 10,931 square miles big.

In a single year, about 20,000 couples travel to these small islands to get married. This doesn’t include the number of natives who get married in Hawaii, either!

It’s a no-brainer to book your venue or vendor as soon as possible. There are only so many days in a season. And there are many other couples who will be looking to get married where you want to.

So, how do you choose the perfect wedding venue or vendor?

Browse around and explore your options. Do thorough research and don’t hesitate to take reviews into account.

Here are some things to consider when researching venues and vendors:

  • What does their availability look like?
  • Do they provide catering?
  • Do they provide outdoor tents and seating?
  • What other amenities do they offer?

Once you find a venue that has availability within your desired time frame, book it.

Hawaiian wedding on the beach

4. Make a Trip Before the Wedding

It’s harder to be physically involved in the planning for a destination wedding.

Consider making a trip where you meet with potential vendors before booking. It’s good to research beforehand to vet out your options.

But if your heart is set on a vendor or venue, you might as well book it. Still, you should at least book a trip to see it in person. That way, you can also plan out your decor, catering, entertainment, and flowers.

5. Notify Your Wedding Party

As soon as you get engaged, it’s important that you start to think about your Hawaiian wedding party.

Your wedding party needs the most notice of all. They’re not only going to have to pay for their airfare and lodging. They’ll also have to take other costs into account, such as:

  • Bridesmaids dresses/groomsmen suits
  • Hair/makeup/shoes
  • Bachelorette/bachelor party
  • Wedding shower costs & wedding gifts

Choose your wedding party and notify them as soon as possible so they can start planning and saving.

6. Give Your Guests Plenty of Notice

Once you have the venue booked, it’s time to make your “Save the Dates!”

However, compiling a guest list is a bit more complicated with destination weddings. First off, guest lists for destination weddings are usually smaller.

Rarely do couples invite more than 30 guests to attend their destination wedding. In fact, many couples only invite immediate family.

Think long and hard about who you want to invite to your Hawaiian wedding. Once you have a guest list, give them – at least – 6 months notice. The more notice, the better.

7. Dress for the Climate

Unless you’re having the reception in an air-conditioned hotel, it’s unlikely that you’ll be wearing a traditional gown or tuxedo.

The same goes for your wedding party. With a Hawaiian wedding, think light colors and short-sleeves.

But your attire isn’t the only thing to take into consideration. If you’re getting married in the summer, you may want to consider pulling your hair up or wearing sandals.

8. Focus on Flora

In Hawaii, you want to embrace the natural beauty of the land. The best way to do that is to focus on your flower scheme.

First, think long and hard about the venue’s setting. What colors are present, and how can you bring those colors out? What types of flowers and trees will surround you during the ceremony and reception?

Next, think about your wedding theme or color scheme (if you have one). Flowers may seem like a small detail, but they’re much more significant than you’d think. Think of flowers as the final touch to your destination wedding.

And since you’re having a Hawaiian wedding, you’ll definitely need leis for all your guests!

Throw the Hawaiian Wedding of Your Dreams

What should be a happy and exciting time can easily turn the sweetest of brides into Bridezillas. Planning any wedding is stressful. But planning a destination wedding is all the more difficult.

But it doesn’t have to be! By staying on top of these 8 tips, you can enjoy planning your wedding in Hawaii.

Make your Hawaiian wedding all the more beautiful with fresh flowers that are native to the land. With Our Aloha has everything from orchids to tropical foliage and leis, in all colors and sizes.

We’re here to help make your destination wedding in Hawaii a unique and special event. Contact us today!

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Do You Know When To Give A Gift Basket?

Everybody loves giving and receiving a well-thought-out gift basket. Although any occasion is the right time to give a beautiful Hawaiian gift basket from With Our Aloha, if you need inspiration as to when to give a gift basket, here are a few ideas:

New Job

Why not present the friend or family member celebrating a new job, or job promotion with our 100% Kona Coffee Lover’s Hawaiian Gift Bag? They’ll start their new job off right with ground Kona coffee, macadamia nut biscotti, handmade Kona coffee cookies, and a beautiful Hawaiian print coffee mug to hold their coffee while they learn their way around that new job.

Baby Shower

Help the mom-to-be get a jump-start on managing the stress that comes with adjusting to becoming a new mom with our Stress Release Formula Hawaiian Gift Basket. The soon-to-be new mom will love the feeling of being pampered while she soaks in scented bath water, smooths on deep moisturizing lotion, and enjoys the stress relieving fragrance or our aromatherapy soaps. We use wild flower essences of lehua, yellow ginger and kinehe to soothe the nerves and relax the body.


Nothing says “I love you” like surrounding your lady with beautiful and relaxing scents to refill her soul. Our basket, Soul of a Woman does just that. Bath crystals, lotions, body mist and soaps are scented with mango, white ginger, banana and lehua harvested right here in Hawaii to soothe and rejuvenate the soul.

Kona Coffee Gift Items

Just Because

Everybody loves chocolate, and our Chocolate Lovers Hawaiian Gift Bag is heaven in a bag. You’ll find chocolate covered macadamia nuts, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered Tiki Toffee, and more to pamper your favorite chocolate lover.

Corporate Giving

In a professional setting a simple gift can go a long way in strengthening business relationships. Saying ‘Thank You’ to an important client, employee or mentor makes a big impression.

If you are in charge of finding a large number of gifts for a company event, sales rewards or customer gathering consider a Hawaiian theme. We will help you design a gift bag or basket to meet your budget.

Contact us to learn about our other gift basket options.

Gift Baskets

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Custom Gift Baskets

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A Destination Wedding is Better With Options

When most people hear the words “Destination Wedding in Hawaii,” the natural reaction is excitement. Who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii? For the couple getting married, stress follows excitement when they realize how much they need to accomplish from a distance.

Luckily, Hawaii hosts a lot of destination weddings, which means there are resources available to manage everything you need from wherever you call home. Many companies will plan and do everything for you, for the right price. While that may sound tempting and perhaps even ideal, remember that such a plan means that someone else is making a lot of the decisions about your wedding. While they may allow you to choose from various options, keep in mind that they have chosen the options from which you get to choose.

There are also companies that will provide just the level of support you desire. This type of company allows you to retain control over those elements that are most important to you, while allowing them to take care of things such as your Right-of-Entry Permit that will make it legal for you to get married on a beach. While each person will have different things that matter most to them, most people tend to care about location, their flowers, and the gifts they provide to members of the wedding and their guests. When it comes to those items, most people want more than a couple of choices. They also want everything to feel distinctly Hawaiian.

Loose orchid blooms on Hawaiian bridal path

That’s where we come in. When you’re ready to choose your beautiful and distinctive leis and corsages, our selection will allow you to express yourself in the most Hawaiian of ways. What’s more, you can continue to express yourself, and provide a lasting memory, by selecting gifts for your wedding party that will remind them of your wedding in paradise for years to come.

If you’re ready to add the right touches to your Hawaiian wedding, contact us.


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The Many Meanings of Orchids

The orchid is traditionally a symbol of beauty and love, strength, luxury, fertility, and power. And it is no wonder, with its long stem and exotic brightly colored bloom. The orchid is easily distinguishable and indefinitely elegant—always a well-received gift.

The orchid was not always simply a gift to be given or even purely decorative though. In fact, it has had many uses beyond the ornamental throughout history. In China, the orchid has been used medicinally for centuries, specifically to treat lung and stomach cancers. In ancient Greece and Aztec cultures, the orchid was considered to give strength and the vanilla flavor would be extracted and then ingested in order to gain strength. Yet, in American society, the flower is generally a gift of thought whether for thankfulness, sympathy, or congratulations.

Hawaiian orchids are especially bright and cheerful while still portraying the same elegance and luxury as any other orchid. As with many other flowers, the varying colors of the orchid each hold a specific underlying meaning. Color should be considered before giving an orchid.

Red is a passionate color, usually reserved for romantic love. Pink is also a romantic color, or a color of friendship. Dark red is a color of leadership and courage. Orange generates enthusiasm, creativity, and success. Yellow is a color of joy and energy. Green radiates growth, stability, and healing. Blue is for loyalty, wisdom, and tranquility. Purple is a color used for wisdom, dignity, and mystery. White is a color of purity, and brown is a color of stability and clear thinking.

Contact us for information on the types of Hawaiian orchids that we provide and let us help you decide what would be best for you.


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