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Considering the enormous popularity of our Blooming Orchid Plant of the Month Club , we are introducing a new selection of live Hawaiian orchids for you to choose from. Our basic orchid plant is the dendrobium. These are the most popular because they are easy to care for, bloom for 4 to 6 weeks at a time and will bloom again and again. Dendrobiums are also used in making our most popular leis.

Our growers are constantly experimenting with new crosses of orchids and produce a large variety of colors including whites, greens, purples and other combinations. We will select the colors for your plant or assortment according to what is available but if you require a particular color for centerpieces, wedding favors, or other events please call or email in advance.

We now also offer oncidium orchids as well as other species and intergenerics which produce a wide variety of colors many of which are unique. These are offered as 'exotics' and may include brassia, oncidium, compact cattleya or others according to the season.

Shipped when they first come into bloom, they will typically stay in bloom for about 4-6 weeks at a time, require very little care, and will thrive under normal household conditions. Your orchid plant, if cared for, can live for many years and bloom again and again.

When you send an orchid plant or assortment as a gift we will send your personalized gift note along with easy to follow instructions for the care of the new blooming orchid plants.

Our live orchid plants include free shipping by FedEx 2-Day. Your orchids are staked and wrapped to protect them during shipment. As always your shipment is guaranteed so if the plants are damaged in shipping please call immediately.

Standard Dendrobium

These are table top plants ranging from 16"-24" tall with 6 to 10 buds per spike. The plants will have single, or, when available double spikes. Shipped in a 4" pot.

Miniatures and First Bloomers

These smaller plants are 8"-15" tall with 4 to 9 buds per spike. They are perfect for centerpieces or for party and wedding favors and gifts. If you need specific colors please call well in advance of your event for availability.

Exotic Orchids

Exotics can include brassia, oncidiums, cattleya or others according to seasonal availabilty. Perfect for a beginner to start a collection with a lot of variety and interest. They require similar care to the dendrobiums and fare well in a home environment. Grower's choice of colors and species.

Dendrobium/Exotic Assortments

This is a grower's choice combination of standard dendrobiums and exotics as described above.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis orchids are tall with long lasting blooms. These single spike plants will bloom year after year and create more spikes of blooms. Growers choice of colors.

Blooming Dendrobium Orchid
1 Dendrobium
2 Dendrobiums

6 Dendrobiums
12 Dendrobiums
Mini's/First Bloomers
Lavender Dendrobium Orchid

8 Mini's

Exotic Orchids
Hawaiian Oncidium Orchid
1 Exotic
2 Exotics
6 Exotics
12 Exotics

Exotic Hawaiian Orchid
1 Dendrobium/1 Exotic
3 Dendrobiums/3 Exotics
6 Dendrobiums/6 Exotics
Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis Hawaiian Orchid
1 Phalaenopsis Orchid
All shipments include free FedEx shipping!

Usually ships next business day. Ships on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday only.

Insulation recommended for winter shipments to cold areas (below 45 degrees).
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